Sounds like an issue with your browser not able to access the Javascript. If you type in the following in your browser:
what do you get? Note that because the Javascripts are stored on the rayshobby server, your browser needs to be able to access the Internet. On the other hand, the controller itself does not need to access the Internet in order to run programs.

For the noise problem: it’s normal to have an audible noise. But if it’s loud vibrating noise, you should check 1) if the solenoid is ok (the easiest way is to try a few solenoids and see if they all make that kind of noise); and 2) check if you’ve soldered the resistor networks correctly — the two resistor networks (RN2, RN3) above the triacs must be of type 330ohmx4 or 220ohmx4, if the resistance is more than 330ohm, the triac won’t fully open, causing the noise problem.