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Ok, so it did not work they way I had planned… after more research I found that I was missing an important piece… the two ERV wires that I disconnected simply needed to be reconnected in order to make it run… turns out that the dry contact normally open thing that they are talking about is a Form C SPDT relay… may be pretty obvious to most of you out there, but it took some time for a novice like me to figure out… anyway, I found a link in this forum to a DigiKey search for 24VAC relays… it returned a whole bunch that would work so I decided to get the coolest looking one (G2R-1-AC24), and a clear box and some perf board… seems like a waste to have only one component all by itself in a pretty clear box, but what the heck… so after I hooked it up backwards (after checking it three times!!), I renamed S01 to FRIED (ahhh the smell of roasting triac)… S02 is now “ERV” and it has been faithfully turning on at 9pm and off at 2am… Thanks Ray for a great product!