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To all,

I would like to apologize for the bugs introduced in 2.0.8, the SPACE issue being the primary one and is completely my fault (since I wrote the firmware). So please do not target criticisms to Samer as he is only trying to help work around the issue by cleverly using the UI. A new firmware 2.0.9 will be released shortly today or tomorrow, which will address the main issues.

As we keep updating the firmware and UI, issues like this will probably occur at some point. Even SparkFun had a major incident recently where they shipped 2000 microcontroller boards without bootloader:
So all that I could ask is to please be patient and report the issues as you find them. As I mentioned in another thread, we don’t have the kind of testing and support resources as big companies have, and we rely heavily on users to help us test and provide feedback.

We usually do test updates pretty thouroughly before releasing them, but in this particular case, since 2.0.8 involves primarily UI changes, we focused on testing the UI elements and forgot to thouroughly test the firmware functionality. Again, apologize for that and will try to avoid this happening again in the future. Thanks.