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Hi Ray,

Thank you for your quick responses. I really appreciate the help.

So this problem just isn’t making sense to me. No matter what I do, the local time is UTC-4.

In my first email I included the login I get when I power-on.
“6 May 2013 09:48:04 UTC-7:00”. It is 06:48 AM local time.

Doesn’t this show that the time has been saved as UTC-7:00 and the the local time is calculated wrong?
So it seems like I saved it correctly. Is there something I need to do to make it ‘use’ the UTC offset that is shown?
I have tried saving the time zone by using the B3 button on the device and also from the web interface using ‘reboot’.
But nothing gives me the correct local time.

Incidentally, I have saved it many times with different UTC offsets.
Each time I power on, the UTC offset is correct, but the local time shown always incorrectly corresponds to UTC-4.

So it seems that the problem is not saving the setup, but in calculating the local time from the UTC offset.
Or it is not using the UTC offset that I save and is somehow stuck at UTC-4:00.

I have tried changing the Location to different time zones and even leaving it blank but nothing changes the time to local time.

Also the time does change so it is tracking.

This is driving me crazy. Please help.
I know it’s probably something dumb that I’m doing but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Thanks for your patience.

Here are my setting from the web page, maybe they will help.

Here are my setting from the device (B3/LCD)
=== SetOptions ====
Firmware version: 182
Time Zone: -7:00 GMT
NTP Sync: Yes
Use DHCP: No
Static.ip1: 192
ip2: 168
ip3: 0
ip4: 21
Gateway.ip1: 192
ip2: 168
ip3: 0
ip4: 1
HTTP port: 80
Auto Reconnect: Yes
Ext Boards: 1
Sequential: Yes
Station Delay: 10 sec
Master Station: 0
Use Rain Sensor: No
Water Level(%): 100%
Self Test time: 10 sec
Ignore Password: No
Reset All?: No