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a) I closed the installer and so cannot remember exactly the error it gave. Would it be possible to log the same errors to a text file while updating ?

There should be a log.txt in the folder where you run osFirmwareUpdater from. For example, if you run it on Windows, go to the windows subfolder, and check log.txt.

b) Is it normal most of my settings were preserved after the 2.0.9 was installed ?

This is not normal, because firmware update will erase all settings and return to factory defaults. You can use the UI’s import/export feature to restore your previous settings.

c) I cannot find a way to see the FW level via the web interface. Is there ?

You can check the UI’s about page. Alternatively, open a browser and type in:
where x.x.x.x is your OpenSprinkler’s IP address. This will return the JSON options, the first option ‘fwv’ tells the firmware version.