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Thank guys.
I guess my issues is where my valves are on the north side of our house which is concerned the wasteland of our property. No sun hits it and the only way to get to it is going out a door on the back or front of the house that are located more to the south. So I want to place it out there safe but also so I do not have to go out there too often and check on it. I had a power outlet placed out there to move the current Rain Bird timer we got with the house over there but I like your system better.
My problem is I have to place it totally outside. I was planning on getting an Otter box and putting a hole in it just for power and the lines to the stations and sealing those up. Then mounting that to the side of the house. I am trying to keep the whole thing small for price reasons and in the one spot on that side that has some protection form the elements. Knowing my luck I will seal up the holes in the box and it will still leak. So I’m trying to give the set up a second line of protection.
After reading more on your site I might go with the Pi version. I thinking of getting weather station for our house and using its sensors to send data to the unit. As the Pi lets me do more programming it might be the better choice.

Again thanx for the info.