@ray wrote:

These voltages are too high. Something is wrong. Try to power the controller through USB (instead of transformer), and measure the VIN and VCC voltages again. Also, you can measure the resistance between VIN and GND, also VCC and GND, and see if there is any potential shorting.

Hi Ray,

Thank you so much for replying when you did. I definitely didn’t expect a reply until at least for a few days. I did what you suggested and everything measured as advertised. Tried a different transformer, same results. Completely baffled, checked the schematics, everything looked fine, so I went back through the testing instructions and realized that my tendency to take everything literally for what it says got the best of me. When the instructions said to test the leads on the transformer to ensure it measures no more than 28VAC, then it went on to say to check the voltage on VIN and VCC – it didn’t mention VDC, and I wasn’t thinking about the switching regulator outputting DC, not AC. So this whole time, I was taking measurements in VAC 😡 …using the correct setting, everything checks out the way it should. 🙂

Thank you again Ray for your help. Top Notch customer service! I will definitely order from you again when I am in the market for another OpenSprinkler 😀