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We want to badly build a new install script that can be used for any Pi owner to install or update the program.

Basically: you run a command such as the one to install homebrew for OS X. Then it scans for all types of sprinkler software we know and presents them to you saying which ones it can upgrade or which conflict (due to same port), etc. Or it finds nothing and walks you through the install. The install will also include things like certifying DNS and that RTC is working, etc.

Basically a nice vision just need time to execute. I’m a little weak with bash scripting but maybe I can just use a different language and whip this up soon. It should make the process less confusing and more importantly less dependent on distribution of images. Instead use the Pi image and guides for initial setup then run our script, done.

We just finished redoing the updater for Arduino so soon hopefully after 2.1.6 is out.