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    I have a 1.4u that was purchased and assembled in February of this year that also has one expansion board (my sprinkler system has 9 zones total). It is connected to my home network through a Edimax BR-6258n that is configured as a wifi ethernet bridge. This setup ran perfectly with one program.

    However, as the weather warmed up in the Houston area, when I added a second program to run in the evening, random crashes occur when the second program is running. The second program does not always crash, but I think in the past couple of weeks it has failed ~90% of the time. When my 1.4u crashes, the LCD goes blank and is non-responsive, both to the buttons and through ethernet. The only way to get it functional again is to power cycle the unit. The two programs are identical with the exception of the 9th station which is not activated during the second program.

    I was running 1.8.2 firmware that came with the kit until three days ago; I updated the firmware to 1.8.3 hoping that would address the issue, but this had no effect.

    I also have tried having one program run twice during the day, but that also crashes with regularity when the program is running its second time for a given day.

    Any ideas to chase down the source of the problem?



    Does your controller have a yellow PTC fuse? It’s known that in some cases when the ambient temperature is high, the resistance on the PTC fuse will rise significantly to block the current flow. The easiest solution is to use solder a wire across it to bypass the fuse. Let me know if this solves the problem.



    Ray, you’re a genius!

    I shorted across the PTC leads and OpenSprinkler ran without issue this evening.

    Update: Two days later and still working flawlessly. Issue is fixed from my perspective.

    Update 2: It has now been well over a week since the PTC was removed from the power path. No further crashes despite some rather warm temperatures.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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OpenSprinkler Forums Hardware Questions 1.4u with 1.8.3 FW Crashing