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    How can I set up a programm, to run 2 Stations at one Time?
    It works only for the first 2 Stations.
    Also if i make different Programs
    As soon I say sequential the 3rd Station runs together with the first one.

    I would like to run Station 1 and 2 at once than Station 2 and 3 than 4 and 5 and so on.

    Thanks in advance



    There are two ways: the first is to do it the ‘hardware’ way: you can insert two zone wires into the same port, and those two zones will always turn on or off together (they are parallel).

    The other way is what you’ve already experimented with, the ‘software’ way: you can set each zone as ‘parallel’ zone (uncheck the ‘sequential’ flag). Keep in mind that any ‘parallel’ zone is allowed to run at the same time with other zones. So if you want zones 1 and 2 to run together, 3 and 4 to run together, then you will need two programs, one for zones 1 and 2, give the start time; then a second program for zones 3 and 4, give the start time (this will be some time after the start time of the first program if you don’t want all 4 to run at the same time).

    If the two programs have the same start time, then zone 3 will always run together with zones 1 and 2, whether zone 3 is sequential or not. The reason is that ‘sequential’ only work with other sequential zones, any parallel zone will run whenever they are programmed to run. So the only way to separate group 1-2 and 3-4 would be to give the two programs different start times.



    Thanks for your reply!
    The thing is when I set the zones to sequential, and set a different start Time for the 2nd pair, than I need to set the start time of the 2nd pair at the end of the previous program.
    But now in case the weather level says 50% than I have breaks between the programs.
    I expected that the following program waits till the previous is finished.

    So the only solution is to change the Hardware 😒

    Isn’t it possible to change the Software, and set a group number at the zones?
    Than you have a very high flexibility!

    Kind regards



    I’m facing the same problem, I really would like to be able to program easily multiple lines at the same time.
    I’d like to use opensprinkler in my farm, and when you’re using a pump you are sometimes bound to open multiple lines at the same time.
    Could be a useful new function for next release ?
    Thanks a lot !
    Have a nice day.



    I was wondering about such an issue as well, recently.
    I would like to have the option to set up two irrigation “groups”. One with the high volume consumers and another one with low volume consumers. Within the groups, the zones should run sequentially, whereas the groups themselves run parallel.
    Anything like that in a future release would be great.

    Many thanks.



    Resurrecting this old thread. I have the exact same issue. My pump is a fixed flow rate and need to run 2-3 stations at once. I use weather adjustment and can’t have a gap between the programs. Is there something that can be done Ray?
    I saw another post with someone who edited the cron job to specify the stations and times together. This works on the pi, but I don’t see how to access cron jobs on the embedded 3.0 product.



    I need this as well

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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