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    Long time user of a single OS 2.3 with four zones.

    I have now a new requirement: About 300ft from where the OS is located (let’s call it OS #1 ), I need to irrigate a lawn that requires three zones (the irrigations pumps could not guarantee enough flow if I were to use only one zone, so I will irrigate 1/3 of lawn at a time).

    Ideally I would install three more valves near OS #1 and run three 300ft-long pipes to the lawn, but for now this is not an option because of digging requirements, and I can only use one pre-existing 5th pipe. By the lawn there is electricity and a dormant second OS (OS #2 ).

    I am not entirely clear how remote stations works, and how to implement them.

    What I was thinking is: can I use a fifth zone of OS #1, run it through the 300ft pipe that leads to the lawn, and there put three more valves controlled by OS #2 to activate the three valves one at a time, and keep everything in synch? So say at 5pm OS #1 opens the fifth valve for 60 minutes, and at the same time OS #2 runs its three lawn valves 20 minutes each, exactly in synch? Is it possible and what hardware and settings do I need beside the two OS’s?
    Otherwise, I would have to rely on the NTP accuracy of the clocks in the two OS’s and make sure I have them start at the same time.



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