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    Hi everyone, OpenSprinkler Firmware 2.1.1 is now available. This firmware has the following changes / updates:

    Bug fixing / Performance improvements:

    • Fixed a bug that causes the weather script to not respond when HTTP port is not the default 80.
    • Fixed HTTP header issue when serving .cgz and .jgz files from uSD card.
    • Merged Ian Freislich’s suggestion to use full buffer size for file transfer (improves speed when serving UI files from uSD card).

    New Features:

    • Support for Radio Frequency (RF) stations. This new feature allows OpenSprinkler to not only switch sprinkler valves, but also powerline devices. It’s implemented by sending signals directly to Radio Frequency (RF) remote power sockets and thus be able to switch powerline devices remotely. Examples are Christmas lights, heaters, water pumps, fans, or anything that can be plugged into wall outlets. Using this feature requires: 1) soldering an RF transmitter and wire antenna to OpenSprinkler; 2) one or more remote power sockets (available at many retail or online stores); 3) using an RFtoy (or an Arduino + RF receiver) to decode the signals of remote power sockets. For details, please refer to this blog post:
    • Support for per-station ‘sequential’ flag. This is an improvement over the previous global ‘sequential mode’ option. In order to better handle RF stations (and other types of concurrent running stations), we’ve replaced the previous ‘sequential mode’ option by a per-station ‘sequential’ flag (default on). Stations that have ‘sequential’ flag turned on are automatically serialized as before. Stations that have the flag turned off are allowed to run concurrently. For example, if stations 1, 2, 3 are sequential, and 4, 5, 6 are not, then 1, 2, 3 will always be serialized (i.e. at any time at most one of them will be running), while 4, 5, 6 can turn on at any time.
    • Support for logging watering percentage each day.
    • Support for negative station delay time (-60 to +60 seconds, in steps of seconds; then -59 to 59 minutes, in steps of minutes).
    • Support for detecting hardware MAC chip (OS 2.2s and updated DIY 2.2u all have Microchip 24AA02E48 with pre-programmed globally unique MAC address).
    • Support to display controller’s MAC address (by clicking B2).

    Other Changes:

    • Added ‘Enable Logging’ option.
    • Added the ‘hwv’ (Hardware Version) option.
    • Removed the global ‘sequential mode’ option (due to the adoption of per-station sequential mode).

    UI Changes:
    Samer has made numerous UI improvements, including changes to cope with the new firmware features, new icons, new input methods. For details, please check Samer’s release notes here:

    How to Upgrade Firmware:
    If you have never upgrade firmware before, please visit for firmware update instructions. Thanks!



    Could you please provide a link to the new firmware?

    Oops, I just saw the link to the Help file so please ignore my previous question.



    OK, I must be blind, where is 2.1.1 hiding?

    Geez, too much avr burner, was looking for a .bin. I forgot this uses the uploader



    Hi Ray,

    Does this fix the issue with the 2.1 hardware where enable logging causes only the first zone to run? The last bug fix you listed has to do with SD cards, but I can’t tell for sure. After I upgrade to 2.1.1, should I try putting in a MicroSD card and see what happens?





    @sgruby: yes, this firmware should have fixed that issue. To summarize, that issue was caused due to RAM over-usage. Firmware 2.1.1 considerably reduced the RAM usage. I would definitely recommend you to upgrade to 2.1.1.



    @automate: the recommended way to upgrade is to use the firmware updater program. If you need to look for the firmware file, it’s in the subfolder called Firmware. All firmwares are in .hex format (not .bin format).

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