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    Here’s some feedback on os-api_2.1.5.pdf from my usage so far. Hopefully this is helpful as you work towards 2.1.6.

    Section 2

    Typo (no -> not)
    rdst: Rain delay stop time (0: rain delay no…
    rdst: Rain delay stop time (0: rain delay not…

    ps: what is “(0 means non)” trying to say? Not scheduled?

    If this is the same data (formatted differently) as /jn sn, it would be helpful to say that in both sections.

    This is the first reference to “station index”. It would be helpful to describe it here as is done in later references.
    E.g. “station index (starting from 0)”

    Section 3
    What is the maximum number of hours that can be set? While it’s unlikely that someone will want to set it to an extremely large value, it would be good to know the range. I assume you get {“result”:17} “Out of range” if you set it larger than the max.

    rsn: The ‘binary value’ only seems to matter in that a value must be specified. Sending either a 0 or a 1 causes the reset. Is this what you intended? Is this also true for ‘rbt’?

    Section 4
    I think this is the same as ‘/jc en’. If so it would be good to say that in both sections.

    Section 5

    Typo? (in -> is)
    Weather options which in…
    Weather options which is…
    Also, I think it would be good to include an example of this item. It is not clear from the description how to specify this parameter.

    Add o36 to the options list with shading since it is an option that must be included in the command to maintain the state of logging.

    update the examples to be clear about the effect of including/omitting the shaded options.
    Of course, if you want to change the ‘/co’ command to not require maintaining these options that would be even better!



    Thanks for the feedback. We will integrate your suggestions to the document as soon as possible.



    on Page 10 of the manual:
    “Use Weather Adjustment: when checked, the % Watering applies to
    all station water times in this program. Default is on.”

    The box is not checked by default, so I think the default is disabled.

    Also, if the box is not checked, the weather adjustment is not applied to the times in a program but in the logs the header reports the adjustment and the water saved



    That’s a good point about checking the program if watering adjustments are being used before calculating the savings on the logs page. I’ll update the app to resolve this.


    Update: Actually, the calculation is only shown as water saved if the percentage is lower than 100%. The log header does not indicate the source of savings (user manual adjustment or weather script automatic adjustment). The end result is water saved from the defined 100% value. Hope this makes sense!

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