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    I got my OSPi a LONG time ago and am finally looking at putting it into the case. It the case from the Arduino version as I recall and there is no hole for the ethernet cable and the USBs. I can cut extra openings of course but am a bit surprised. Did this case work with any Pi versions without modification? I can go to the new laser cut case but am thinking the large holes for mounting may not work with the new case. What are my options?



    I got some of my questions answered here:

    It answered:
    The old enclosure didn’t have holes for the USB or Ethernet.
    The large holes haven’t changed and still in the same place (at least at the time of the video).

    It didn’t answer what the stand off hardware is. I found this github announcement
    and the github apparently has the layouts of the enclosure so I can modify it with cutouts. The google drive link there DOESN’T have the current board or standoff info in spite of the fact that it says it has all versions. It only has up to 1.2. I think the info is probably posted somewhere but very frustrating trying to find the various relevant info…



    It would be better if you can post a picture of your OSPi kit. If the enclosure is white colored injection molded enclosure, the Ethernet cable can come out from one of the holes, either the Ethernet jack hole or USB.



    The white injection molded case I have is the same one shown in the video link I posted about the new enclosure. At 25 seconds you can (not a good view but it is visible) the area where the 3 push button holes are. That’s where the ethernet jack is located for OSPi.

    Here’s is a picture of a case like mine. Note it doesn’t have the OSPi board in the picture.

    My real issue is not that the old case needs modification to work – I knew that.

    I was more interested in the stand off info. And a drawing with the locations of the other connector cutouts would be great if anyone has that.

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