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    When I’m at home I can connect to OpenSprinkler without problems, using browser or Android App. All connections are directly to OpenSprinkler itself.
    Looking from the outside of my home network, I have nginx reverse proxy that accepts only HTTPS traffic, and OpenSprinkler access is protected at nginx level with HTTP auth (user name and password).

    When I use web browser away from home, I get first prompted by nginx to enter user name/password, and then redirected to OpenSprinkler that asks for its own password. All as expected. And desired.

    Unfortunately, using Android App, I can’t get through. I tried using DNS name, raw IP address, port and no port, checking SSL, checking Auth (I get to enter nginx user name and password, but I don’t know if they are triggered by nginx itself or by App in preparation for nginx asking for it). I pretty much tried any permutation of parameters. No matter what I get error message saying check your IP address and/or port. Needles to say, I checked them, and rechecked them. If they were wrong web browser wouldn’t work either.

    Is App even supposed to work in this scenario? Seems so, given the available parameters.

    App Version: 1.6.0
    Firmware: 2.1.7
    Hardware: 2.3 DC



    Same problem here using nginx SSL proxy. Works in browser, but doesn’t work in app.

    SSL certificate is valid, but from letsencrypt, might this be the problem?

    App Version: 1.6.0
    Firmware: current master



    Changed nginx configuration to serve the full certificate chain and now it’s working for me. Just strange that there were no certificate-related error messages by the app, that would have helped. 😉

    : Does this help you, either?



    Good suggestion. I will have to see how to do that in nginx. I will also have to switch to letsencrypt instead of doing self-signed.



    @Predrag: Just point to the fullchain.pem instead of the cert.pem. That’s it for nginx.




    You were right. Once certificate file contains full chain of authorities, OpenSprinkler App works. There should’ve been an error shown instead of just silently failing. But that may be an Android issue, not an App issue.
    While there, changed over all my proxied servers from self-signed to letsencrypt certificates. It was overdue. Thanks.



    The app does not really know the rejection was due to SSL. The Cordova nature results in it just knowing the network failed (due to CORS and HTML5 security).

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    I am from Portugal and i am new with opensprinkler.

    My version is : App 1.6.0
    Firmware 1.1.7(1)
    Hardware 3.0 AC

    I have some issues that I think you guys will help me with :

    – I can’t connect with the opensprinkler outside my home network, the app or by browser, only connects in my network. I tried outside in several networks and with 4g mobile network. Simply can’t connect.

    – when I mounted the opensprinkler, I tried a test to see how it works, open the valves perfectly, but when the time ends doesn’t close (stop).

    I hope you guys help me cause I’m a newbie in the area.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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