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    I have a 2.1 OS.

    Does the 2.1 version support 48 stations?   I currently am using a 16 port and an 8 port expansion adapters for a total of 32 stations.   When i look at the 2.14 interface it looks like the expansion board option is gone, but the unit shows  32 stations and says 8 are available.    The dropdown which displays 32 stations now has selections for 40 and 48.  Does the 2.1 version support 48 stations?

    I think i asked this before.   Would it be possible to log the weather requests times and store the results and display the zimmerman calc (and any other calcs that are used, ie the california calc if applicable)) in the log?  Perhaps this needs to be a separate log file  called weather calc log (or something like that).  It might also be useful to be able to schedule the time the weather information gets polled.





    Yes it does support 48 stations. The Options page had a slight rewording of the expansion board option. This way, it works for both expansion boards (the old 8 station ones and new 16 station ones). If the option is shown to you, its supported.



    The firmware internally still stores the number of expansion boards. However, since that assumes each expansion board is 8 stations and our current expansion board (2.0) has 16 stations, in the past it has always created confusions to users exactly how many expansion boards they should set. Therefore we decided that the UI should show the number of stations to avoid confusion.

    The controller can automatically detect the number of expansion boards (so when you plug in expansion boards the UI should show you the available number of stations). In practice, because some users may want to enable virtual (e.g. RF) stations, we still leave this option as a user-settable option.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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