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    I’m testing Opensprinkler PI a few months ago. The system is stable and reliable, however, has a serious limitation:
    The program does not allow you to give different duration with a single zone.
    In a garden is important to set different time between grassland and hedge plants.

    I ask you to add this option, because it does not work.

    Thank you all!




    For now the work-around is to create multiple programs that have the same start times, with different stations and water time in each program.

    On the microcontroller-based OpenSprinkler, per-station water time will be added in the upcoming firmware 2.1.0. I assume the same changes will be made on OSPi soon too.



    Thanks Ray, I look forward to the 2.1.0 OSPi..è very important for many users!

    Thanks as always to answer our questions!



    So is OSPi 2.1.2 now supposed to allow unique station times within a single program? After exploration, I don’t see that option.

    Help please.




    Dan did address that issue in the announcement of 2.1.x of OSPi interval program and it is not available, yet.



    I was looking through the announcements trying to find something specific.  The only thing I can find is a generic statement about keeping feature parity across platforms.  It’s a major feature I am interested in and I am curious if it is coming in the near future.



    Right now the OSPi program (written in Python) is separate from the OS program (written in Arduino programming language), so the changes are not easy to migrate between the two.

    While developing the sprinklers_pi program. Rich Zimmerman made a clever design that allows his program to be cross-compilable on both. That’s something I am hoping to take a look at soon, so that we can make the OSPi and OS software more consistent in the future.

    That being said, the OSPi Python program brings a lot of benefits in easy extension and plugins. That’s one of the major advantages of OSPi.


    Dan in CA

    @ steppi,

    As I mentioned in the announcement of the last update to the Python program the version number (2.1.0) refers specifically to the Python project and it is not identical to the micro-controller version of OpenSprinkler with the same number.

    Adding the feature you requested is on my todo list but because I develop the program on a volunteer basis in my spare time there is no set schedule for implementing it.

    I actually prefer to make a separate program for each zone/station because it allows a lot more flexibility such as setting them for different days and I can turn a zone on or off by simply turning the program on or off.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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