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    I’m just curious if anyone is working on flow meter sensing.  I just ordered a Dwyer meter and am looking for ways of capturing the flow rate.  My irrigation system is set up so that all my landscape and pool fill is off a separate line off my main water meter, so that I can measure the flow conveniently.  However, I have two main sprinkler controllers (plus a garden controller), and a pool fill auto valve that I want to measure, as well.

    It would be cool if I could get the flow meter information separate from any particular controller, so I could figure out where my water is going.  Also, I’d like to be able to sequence my controllers so that I’m not running two main circuits and the pool auto fill at the same time.

    Rather than hard coding this logic into specific controllers, it would be great if I could see MQTT messages when activities start/finish.  Controller B could see when controller A has finished it’s nightly run, and the pool fill valve logic could avoid both A and B.  And a node on the network could monitor the flow and assign flow volume to whatever valve was turned on.

    I realize that this is more complicated than just a single controller, but it would be nice to open things up to a broader range of c0nfigurations.

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