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    Good evening,

    To begin with, I want to thank the developers for all their time and effort they have put into this. I have been using this for about 3 months or so for my front yeard, and I love it. So Thank you.

    I recently decided to expand the system i have so it controls both my front and back yards.

    My current system is:
    Raspberry Pi2
    JBtek 8 relay board

    I just added a JBtek 4 relay board to give me enough stations.

    System Versions are:
    App Version: 1.6.0
    Firmware: 2.1.6(2)
    Hardware Version: OSPI-AC

    When I go in to set up the new stations and go to set GPIO as the “station type”, the GPIO option is there however it is grayed out and will not let me select it.

    On the stations I previously had set up, the station type is still set to GPIO, but it is grayed out also. I have not tried to change these stations as i am worry about “breaking” the system. lol

    I have searched through the forum here trying to figure out what the problem might be, but I did not see anything that could explain my issues. I appear to be at the most current version of the App and Firmware.

    Is there anyone here who might have an idea on what I have done wrong (why i can not select GPIO for station type)?

    Thank you again



    Sorry for the confusion however I can explain what is going on. The app was updated recently to support 2.1.7 and the check for GPIO stations got modified to support all 2.1.7 devices instead of just the Pi on 2.1.6+. The check for this option is now checking for 2.1.7 so the latest app is incorrectly graying out the option. The firmware update should be released by tomorrow, as I understand. Once out, you can update and the app will correctly show this option.




    Thank you for the fast reply. I will wait a few days and then updated my firmware to fix my issue.




    Firmware 2.1.7 has been released early this morning, and you can now upgrade to 2.1.7 to enable the GPIO station feature again.



    Ray, Samer,

    Thank you both.

    I just updated the firmware following the guide at

    However, now it appears the app is not working. The pi is on the network and can see and be seen by other members of the network. However it is almost as if the “web server” on the pi is not working.

    There were no errors in the building of opensprinkler. The were no errors with the pulldown from github. there were no errors when i restarted the service. Checking the status of the service returns that everything is running. But yet the app (the control webpage and the android app) always comes back as not found.

    Any idea’s?



    Thank you all for your help. It is back up and running. You guys are saints

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OpenSprinkler Forums Hardware Questions OpenSprinkler Pi (OSPi) GPIO option s grayed out