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    Rob Ogilvie


    I’m a huge fan of my OpenGarage and am considering OpenSprinkler.

    I’m wondering about how flexible it might be. I want to water early morning based on weather (and I see a lot of options there) but I *also* want to briefly water in the afternoon if it’s an especially warm day.

    Is that second option possible out of the box? Is it possible at all?

    Would I need to get the Pi version and script it out myself, assuming I can trigger programs via bash?





    For each program, you can set it to repeat many times a day, by either specifying the second start time, or use the ‘repeating every’ option.

    Both the microcontroller-based and Pi-based OpenSprinklers run the same unified firmware. If you choose OSPi, the basic functionalities are the same, except it doesn’t have LCD, buttons, and you need to provide an RPi. There is NO need to trigger programs via bash.


    Rob Ogilvie

    Is it possible to trigger a program based on temperature?



    Hi Rob,

    Enabling or disabling a “warm day afternoon program” has to be done manually or you have to use the OS API Interface for this purpose.

    One possibility for temperature control might be to use the IFTTT Webhooks feature to send corresponding API commands to OS. IFTTT interfaces for Private Weather Stations (PWS) like Netatmo or weather services like Weather Underground (WU) allow for triggers like temperature rises above or drops below x °C.

    Please have a look at discussions like Enable/Disable Program and look at other examples given in this forum for IFTTT applets.

    Hope to be some help.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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