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    I wanted to share a description and some pictures of my installation.  My goal was to create a clean, self-contained installation of the OpenSprinkler, expansion boards, sprinkler wires, wired ethernet and electrical.  I mounted this in the location of my previous Hunter controller so I had already run the control and electrical wires.  I also dropped a Cat5 cable in for the network connection.

    In the pictures you will see that I used the following products for the enclosure, both from Amazon:

    BUD Industries NBB-10247

    BUD Industries NBX-10987-PL ABS

    I chose this enclosure because it allowed plenty of room to mount the OS, expansion boards and electrical outlet.  Also, I liked the idea of the perforated internal panel.  The panel provided an easy way to mount everything, both internal and external.  The holes in the panel are just right for short screws and the wires slip right through as well.

    I have 8 valve boxes and associated control wires, so I wanted an easy way to organize and adjust the connections.  I was able to attach several terminal strips to the back side of the panel.  The terminal strips allow me to keep everything organized by valve box, and run short jumper wires through the holes in the panel to the front side.  All of the mess is left out of sight.

    To provide enough clearance for the wires behind the panel and the depth of the electrical box, I used 1 1/4″ spacers and longer bolts to mount the panel to the box.

    Thanks for viewing!




    This is very cool, I love how organized everything ends up.

    Thanks for sharing!



    Very nice setup!



    I liked your install so much that I am trying to recreate it.

    Question: what did you use to make the board stand off the back of the box so that you could get your wiring in there?

    I was thinking of fabbing blocks out of wood or something else.




    Indeed this enclosure provides ample space to fit a lot of gears. Good find. The setup look very clean. Thanks for sharing.



    Great question. Those are the spacers I refer to in the original post. That was an important part of making the enclosure work for this purpose as I had several wires to hide and an electrical box that required extra depth.

    I went to my local hardware store and found some nylon spacers. If you search Amazon for “nylon spacer bushing” you will see what I am referring to. I also brought one of the screws that came with the enclosure with me to the hardware store so I could find longer replacements. It was a little tricky to keep the spacers on the screws as I tilted the panel up and aligned them with the holes, but you can do it.

    Best of luck! Let us know how it turns out.



    How did you secure the outlet box to the inside of the bud box?

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