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    I am able to login to the web on port 8080, and the app on my android also works fine. I am trying to get this working with Home Assistant, which led me to check a couple of URLs. Making requests with with /jn, /je, etc. always returns {“result”:2}. /ja returns {“fwv”:217}. In other words, I can’t even get a station list much less anything else. I am passing the password as md5 per their suggestion.

    Running on raspberry pi, version 2.1.7 with app version 1.7.3

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    … my password had a ‘!’ in it. Once I changed it to something else without that, it works. Thank you, drive through.


    Francois Terblanche


    I had the same issue on 2.1.8. I had to disable password (Edit Options -> Advanced -> Ignore Password) before I could get API to return anything other than {result: 2}.
    Also see: https://opensprinkler.com/forums/topic/is-the-api-working-on-firmware-2-1-3/

    My password did not have any special characters in it.





    One thing to keep in mind is that all recent firmwares expect the password to be MD5 hashed, not plain-text. For example, the default password is opendoor but if you are using the API or third-party plug-in, the HTTP API expect the password in MD5 form (the MD5 of opendoor is a6d82bced638de3def1e9bbb4983225c). If you send the plain-text password it will be rejected.

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