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    Has there been any progress on this issue recently? Since upgrading to 2.1.8 I’ve been having these drop-outs too. I’m on 2.1.8(2) OSPi with a static IP set up on my TP Link AC1900 router. When my OS drops out the programs stop running too (I’d hoped that it would just continue irrigating in isolation, but my plants started dying). I have it linked to my Home Assistant but it is just reading information over the API, but I’ve set up an alert to tell me it if drops off the internet (nmap can no longer detect the static IP).

    Interestingly, usually it drops off and does not reconnect. Today it did eventually reconnect after a few hours, but I could only access it via my browser (the app still couldn’t find it), although the router claimed that it is a connected device. After another few hours the app managed to connect too. Maybe this app thing is a red herring, but the dropping off the network is real, and really frustrating when my garden dies as a result. Can’t OSPi continue operating without the network connection, whilst it tries to reconnect?




    @mattat01: you are talking about OSPi, which is different from what other users are talking about (OS 3.0). For OSPi, the issue is not related to our hardware, it would be your RPi, or in case you use a WiFi dongle, the issue with the WiFi dongle. Only OS 3.0 has built-in WiFi.



    Ok, thanks. I’ll look into that, it is just that I never noticed it dropping out before I upgraded to 2.1.8. Still, you may be right so I’ll look into the hardware connection.




    My opensprinkler also disconnects and fails to reconnect. It only occurred when connecting to a wifi extender (NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender AC750). When I reconfigured the opensprinkler to connect to my main wifi, I haven’t had a problem. Worth noting that my main wifi is actually a weaker signal to the shed, but open sprinkler seems to be more stable with it.



    This just happened again to me. Usually stable OS will disconnect from WIFI and stop doing everything! Including watering my lawn! I have to go under the house and do a power cycle to get it to connect again. This has to be fixed or I will ask for a refund on my OS unit as it is useless as it does not do what it says it will do.
    Running hardware 3, 2.17 firmware with a TP-Link WAP.



    I am seeing this issue now too – was working fine for a year or so. Didn´t change the setup. I am on a Vodaphone EasyBox 804 and opensprinkler 3.0 DC with Firmware 2.1.8 (1)



    Same issue here on 2.1.8, is this being addressed by some oneone?



    I opened a ticket on github… hopefully someone is picking this up



    Same issue here on FW2.1.8, HW 3.0 – sporadic reconnect failure each couple of days.
    Connected to AVM Fritz!Box 7590 via FRITZ!Repeater 1750E.
    DHCP enabled (Although Router configured to always assign same address)

    Tried FW upgrade to 2.1.8(4) today, after reading this thread I will also try static address setting.
    Last resort would be daily powercycle via manual timer on wall outlet, which I want to avoid, because it would need to withstand the current draw of my pump and switches.

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    I have an OpenSprinkler DC 3.0, Firmware 2.1.8 in an AVM Fritz!Box 3590 Mesh configuration running. The OpenSprinkler is installed in the Garage and most of the time connected to the WiFI AP FRITZ!Powerline 1240E installed nearby. It is running for months now without any issues. Please be aware that older Fritz!Repeater, like the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 300 may be part of your problem.



    These “repeaters” and “range extenders” are very often real truble causers.

    Avoid using them.

    If you have to, don’t mix manufacturer brands. Also don’t mix new and old WiFi devices (like using an older wifi router and a newer repeater or viceversa) as they may implement standards differently, causing malfunctions.

    If there’s no other way to avoid this, use different SSIDs for the main and for the “repeated” signal, so that clients like OS don’t get confused.

    But better, try using quality AccessPoints, like Ubiquiti UniFi.

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