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    I’ve also been having this problem occasionally (maybe days or weeks apart?) where I discover the controller has dropped off the wifi network. I use OpenHab to drive the watering program, so it’s a big problem if it drops offline when I’m not around to reconnect it for more than a day or two. The display on the unit says it is reconnecting, but it does not do so until I reboot the unit (either by power cycling or holding the B2 button), at which point it reconnects immediately.

    The get info page says “Firmware: 2.1.8(1), Hardware version: 3.0 – DC”

    For now, I’ve set OpenHab up to warn me more actively if it drops the connection, but there’s something clearly not working in the firmware when it attempts to reconnect to wifi (its attempts – if indeed it is really attempting to reconnect – universally fail, whereas following a reboot it reconnects immediately… this leads me to believe it will not be solved by replacing the hardware).

    Is there any way to access the unit at a lower level than the web gui and download a system log?



    Perhaps someone can name a specific router (Brand name and model number) that we can order and try? We have test OS 3 units connected to Netgear and Asus routers and have not have any disconnection issues, so it would be difficult to debug without having a router that it actually has issues with.

    Something else that’s worth trying is to see if settings a static IP on OpenSprinkler would help. I suspect not, since I assume the issue is in establishing WiFi connection and not in DHCP. But nonetheless it’s worth a try.

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    Mine is an Asus RT-AC88U.

    I know it’s splitting hairs, but I don’t think it’s a disconnection issue: I believe it is a *reconnection* issue. That is, connection interruptions can happen for all sorts of reasons – for example, I’ve rebooted my router three times in the past week for other reasons – and in each case the OpenSprinkler has re-established the connection just fine as soon as the router comes back up. However, when the failure arises, the display on the OpenSprinkler shows that it is reconnecting, but it fails to do so until I intervene, no matter how long it is left to attempt reconnection. When the failure occurs, the issue is resolved immediately – and 100% reliably – by rebooting the OpenSprinkler unit. That appears to be the only way to resolve the issue. It would be good if detailed diagnostic logs were kept on the OpenSprinkler itself so that we can see what is going wrong in the OS’s system when it fails, but I am not aware of any logs except those associated with the timing of watering.



    I agree as the unit will not reconnect.
    Maybe a auto reboot when the unit fails to connect after a number of tries or a certain amount of time on no WIFI connection.



    That seems like a really good idea, actually – it doesn’t depend on being able to trace why it is currently failing to connect (which sounds, from Ray’s post, like it could otherwise be a roadblock if they can’t reproduce it). I don’t think there’s any need for the time tolerance to be particularly short. For example, it could be a logic like this:

    IF no functioning network connection (unable to sync NTP?) for at least 6 hours
    AND currently configured for WiFi connection
    AND unit uptime > 24 hours

    THEN reboot system

    That will mean it only tries the reboot as a last resort – not because the router it is connected to is disconnected from the internet for a while – and even then it would only reboot itself once every 24 hours.



    I was having the same issue. The WIFI connection drops from the OS and yet the display states it is connected and has an IP address. I am using a Technicolor MediaAccess TG789vac v2 Router. I am running on 2.1.8 (2) and only received the unit this month (Jan ’19). I may have just found a solution to this issue. I set a static IP address for OS on my router and it connected without a reboot of the OS. Hope this helps.



    I think your case may have been a slightly different issue (or at least different to some of these cases, including mine – there could be multiple problems in this thread). In my case, the display on the OpenSprinkler indicates that it is trying to reconnect (as opposed to indicating that it’s connected and has an IP address), but it never successfully reconnects. So the OpenSprinkler unit is picking up that it has lost the connection… but the only way to do anything about it is to reboot the OpenSprinkler unit.

    I have already set a fixed IP address for OS on the router, so that has not been a solution for the problem I’m encountering.

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