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    Hi all,
    I’ve setup my Netatmo weather station to send a 24hr rain delay to my OpenSprinkler system every time the weather station detects rain and thought some may like to use it too. I’m a new OpenSprinkler user and couldn’t find much info about it so I did some reading and thought I‘d share how I use IFTTT to do automatically start a rain delay.

    Read on for instructions:

    1: Setup port forwarding on your router to point to OpenSprinkler. I first reserved the local IP of 192.52.XX.XX for OpenSprinkler’s exclusive use and then used port forwarding to forward the public IP of 134.2.XX.XX port 80 to the OpenSprinkler IP I reserved earlier.

    Note: Some ISP’s may block port 80, you can either request it be unblocked or change ports. See router /OpenSprinkler manual(s) for details.

    2. Test the following URL from outside your local network:


    Replace the IP with your public IP address not the local IP you reserved for OpenSprinkler. For xxx in password, use a MD5 hash generator a create a hash of your password. IE: Type your password, generate and you will get a long hash key. Copy and replace xxx with said hash key.

    To find out your public IP click here:

    To create a md5 hash of your password click here:

    If this all works, continue to the next step.

    If not working, first try turning on “ignore password” in the OpenSprinkler settings and if the delay is activated with the URL the password is your issue.

    If still no luck try with your reserved local IP address from your local network. If this works, port forwarding is your issue.

    P.S. I hate port forwarding ect and hope that all made some sense. Lol

    3. On your Netatmo app Under settings >> *your weather station** >> personalise notifications >> ensure rain start is turned on. This means Netatmo sends you a notification when the rain starts.

    4. Go to IFTTT (presuming you already have an account) and click on your username and then create if on website. On the app, click “get more” then the “+Make your own applets” button.

    5. Click on the “this” icon or word.

    6. Type “Netatmo” in the search box and click on the Netatmo weather station icon when it comes up (you may need to connect the service if you haven’t done so before I think).
    7. Then select “Rain Detected” and choose your weather station from the drop down box.
    8. Then click “create trigger”.

    8. Now click on the “that” icon or word.

    9. Search for web hooks and select

    10. Then click “Make a web request”.

    11. On the next screen, copy and paste the working URL from step 3 above into the URL box, remembering to use the public IP address and hashed password.

    12. Leave the rest alone and click “create action”.

    13. Edit your title to something like “Rain delay of 24hrs activated“ and turn notifications on (you can turn them off later but handy for testing).

    14. Click finish.

    15. Wait for rain and see if it all works.

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OpenSprinkler Forums Third-Party Software Netatmo weather station, IFTTT and OpenSprinkler automagical rain delay