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    Just received and completed my v2.2u – nice kit, fired right up, connected and grabbed the time, so far so good. Thanks!

    But I have a few questions. So far I’ve used the web interface via Chrome, thanks for the js url update, that solved my first problem.

    How do I see what version firmware I have?

    DST – I see mention in another topic of automatic DST detection, but the only time setting appears to be a simple +/- hours. Is there an actual time zone setting?

    Is the online manual current for v2.2u?

    I have seen mention of being able to set up a master valve, I actually only need that for some of my stations, not all. Is there a master valve functionality or is it just done by selecting multiple valves simultaneously?

    I’m confused by the apparent redundancy of the end time setting, and duration + interval setting. Isn’t the end time defined by the duration + interval and the number of valves? Sorry for this one, I’m clearly missing something here.



    Welcome to OpenSprinkler!

    In regard to the firmware version, you may find this in the about page which is accessed via the side panel (top left icon).

    The automatic DST adjustments are only available in firmware 2.1.0, so please upgrade your firmware. For assistance with this please refer to our guide:

    The manual is current for v2.2u hardware however the guides are not completely updated for 2.1.0 but should be updated soon.

    The master valve can be enabled in the edit options page. Once a master station is selected for use, you may use the edit stations page to select which stations require a master valve.

    The end time setting is being phased out and I recommend you upgrade to firmware 2.1.0 as it greatly simplified this process and adds a lot more options including per-station watering times.

    Hope this helps!


    Thank you! I see it’s 2.0.9 so upgrading will be job #1 in the morning.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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