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    Herman Meyer

    I recently installed a Raspberry Pi #2 version of Open Sprinkler for my mother-in-law. It currently is in a state where when everything is wired up and I apply power, the LED glows then fades within about one to two seconds.

    So, here are the steps I followed. I’ll try to leave keep it brief:

    • Set up the bare Raspberry Pi at my own house and program it. (Rasbian image, Unified baseline from Git)
    • Move Pi to her network and configure wifi / IP (I had some wifi issues with her WEP that caused me to switch it to WPA2)
    • Assemble to OpenSprinkler board and wire up inside existing Rain Bird box I am gutting to use as case. I am using the existing Rain Bird transformer which I thought read a little high at ~30 volts, but this forum link gave me confidence it should work.
    • Board powers up and I connect to it with the Opensprinkler app on my phone and program it to her sprinkler layout successfully with all zones working.
    • Since it now works, but I made changes to her wifi, I needed to get all her other devices on the network onto the wifi. The Wii did not support the WPA2 I had selected, so I switched it to WPA.
    • Now, the sprinkler wifi needed to be reconfigured, so I removed it from the outside box and brought it inside to connect to a monitor.
    • I hooked it to the monitor and powered it from the micro usb port on the Pi (without disconnecting it from the Open Sprinkler board)
    • I corrected the wifi connection, shut down, and remounted in the box outside.
    • When I applied power the lights glowed and immediately faded. I cycled power a few times and the same thing happens each time.
    • I checked the board and nothing looks or smells wrong.
    • When I remove the Pi and power it (the Pi) directly, it works on its own.

    Did I do something to it by applying power to the Pi directly without removing the controller board?

    On a side note, I have my own copy of the setup running at my own house.



    If I understand it correctly: the LED lights up and fades out every time you connect the power? What happens when you remove the RPi and just apply power on the OSPi board (without RPi)? Does the LED do the same thing?


    Herman Meyer

    You understand correctly.
    When the Pi is not attached, the board stays lit up when power is applied.



    Can you submit a support ticket? We can arrange to send you a replacement so you can check and compare with your current one.

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