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    I’ve been using open sprinkler for a while now and am running 40 valves but all manually via run once program because the software lacks basic features .I keep abreast of all the most recent wifi irrigation control and there are now approaching a dozen that offer pc web connectivity plus apps for phones and tablets.Open sprinkler offers the most valves for the best price but in programs needs to offer a simple start time only interface with adjustable runtimes.The current setup is Like my first rainbird from 1977.To take advantage of the large number of programs available a run once feature needs to be available for any programs saved including ones that are off.This would allow a variety of test waterings and supplimental waterings. A simple percentage seasonal adjust feature for programs.I was an early adopter of ET and moisture based control. The latest batch of web enabled controllers are all rushing to offer various versions some include fees. but I suggest simple is better.A humidity, tempeture,solar radiation based ET can offer runtimes nearly as accurate as more complicated systems.[hunter solar sync.so far has been very good].I hope to see some of these features soon.
    A great new product needed here would be a wifi optical water meter reader with a valve shut off and web notification.Private water can cost upwards of $10 a thousand gallons.I just finished several repairs that cost customers thousands of dollars in water bills.Maybe in the future in could be a feature of open sprinkler.The commercial solutions available are costly. thanks for the product rwp

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