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    Are the number of zones (via expansion boards) automatically found or do I need to do something to tell the system how many zones I have?

    Other questions…
    In running the Android ap I get a notification that when clicked states” Remote access is not enabled. Click here to troubleshoot remote access issues.” But when clicked I get a “web page not available” message. It seems this links to a page on the freshdesk site and there seems to be issues with dead links various places in your documents.

    For example, another one is in the ospi14_manual.pdf. In section 6 for the rain sensor it states “Please refer to the OpenSprinkler User Manual Sensors Section for details. The link is also to freshdesk and also doesn’t go to a page that has nothing on the rain sensor.



    It’s probably somewhere in the documentation but I figured it out – Number of zones is set by clicking the icon in the lower left of the web page, the edit options, then station handling. They can be named by clicking on the gear to the right on the list of zones.



    OpenSprinkler 2.3 and 3.0 can detect the number of expanded zones (though in the current firmware you still have to manually select the number of zones because the number of zones doesn’t have to be the same with the number of physical zones, since some zones can be ‘virtual’ zones like HTTP or RF zones).

    OpenSprinkler Pi does not have circuit to detect the number of expanded zones, so you just have to go to Edit Options and manually set the number of zones. So yes you have figured it out.

    Some of the document links may have been outdated since we transitioned from to Sorry about those outdated links.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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