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    I have a rain sensor attached to my Opensprinkler (OSPi, firmware 2.1.5) and it’s working properly by overriding programs when there has been rain.

    But it seems to me that in a previous version of the firmware there was a message displayed on the main page while the rain sensor was triggered and also in the system log table view. (I AM seeing a rain sensor event in the timeline view)

    So should I be seeing something displayed? And if so any ideas as to why I’m not? I’ve rebooted the system and also powered it off/on.

    Or am I wrong about what I think I saw once upon a time?



    When rain sensor is activated, the UI/app should show a notification at the bottom of the screen. To quickly test, you can go to Edit Options, Weather Control, make sure ‘Use Rain Sensor’ is checked, then set the ‘Normally Open’ checkbox to the opposite of your rain sensor type (most rain sensors are normally closed, so you can check the Normally Open checkbox). This will cause the controller to think the rain sensor has been activated. Go back to the homepage, it should show a ‘Rain Detected’ message. In addition, if you check the LCD screen of the controller it should show a rain icon.



    Thanks Ray – system responded exactly as you indicated. I’m beginning to think that the rain sensor wasn’t working properly after all and wasn’t interrupting the programs as expected. I’ll investigate.

    Very happy with Opensprinkler and the ongoing development of the firmware. Thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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