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    Hello, before buying a opensprinkler I like to know the compatibility of the valves.

    I have valves 9V DC and 24V AC valves.

    Do opensprinkler AC or DC is compatible with these valves or should I change the solenoids by 9V 24V AC solenoids?

    Then, I’d understand the difference between AC and DC opensprinkler.
    Since the DC version will operate all valves, I do not see the point of the AC version?

    Finally, it is possible to create a sub-forum for the french community?
    Thank you for your answers.



    If you wish to use AC and DC valves than the OpenSprinkler DC will be your best bet.

    Regarding the sub forum we will consider it.




    After checking I glimpse my 9v valves are “latching”.
    I took the decision to change solenoids with 24v AC.
    All my valves will be 24 V AC.
    For France I read that it was better to buy the DC model but I do not understand why?
    If I understand the transformer is provided in the DC package, but what about the specific nozzle outlet?
    If I buy the version AC: I have to buy a 24V transformer amperage what does it take? 500mA or more?
    Thank you for the french in sub-forum.

    I ask lots of questions because your material interests me hugely and I do not have any problem upon receipt.
    We are close with the net but distant by postal mail. 😉



    OpenSprinkler DC is better for International users mainly because it’s often hard to find 24VAC transformer. If you already have a 24VAC transformer, then either AC or DC would work fine. But I often get questions from International users about where to find 24VAC transformer. The DC version is designed particularly to address this issue.

    OpenSprinkler DC comes with a 9V 1A universal power adapter, and you can easily substitute it with a different power adapter, from 6VDC to 12VDC — it’s fairly tolerant to a wide range of input voltages, and DC adapters are much easier to find than AC adapters. Also, DC adapters are usually regulated and universal (which means it accepts any powerline voltage, from 100V to 240V). On the other hand, AC adapters are very specific to the country’s powerline voltage — you can’t plug a US/Canada 24VAC adapter in other countries, as that will cause the output voltage to double.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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OpenSprinkler Forums Hardware Questions Some questions from France