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    I am hoping I might be able to get some help, I have been using a Kit built Opensprinkler module for a number of years and have been very pleased with it however earlier this year it stopped updating it’s irrigation levels using the Zimmerman system I raised a help request. I received a reply stating that unfortunately due to weather provider changes the weather API no longer works with older firmwares (such as the 2.1.5 version that you have)> Fair enough things change and I was offered a discount on a replacement device.

    I built myself a Pi/relay system instead and installed OSPi on it. App version is 2.2.4 Firmware Hardware version OSPI. It does what I needed switching zones on and off other than it also fails to update it’s irrigation levels. System diagnostics show Weather Service as Offline, Watering Level shows Last updated as Never and Weather Service Details as Last request as having been made and Last Response as Connection Failed.

    My Service provider is 3 and I have a 4G home Broadband system run from a Huawei B535-232 4G Router this is a fairly recent change from my old slow Landline system and may be my problem. I have port forwarded 8080 to my Pi’s Ip and given it a fixed Ip address. The Opensprinkler is accessible on my Local network and also by using a phone to access remotely (without wifi) both with my Wan ip address and a No-ip hostname all successfully.

    I have also tried experimenting using my Weather underground API, with the same results, however Weather underground allows you to view the calls to its service and shows them having been made successfuly.The weather icon on the home page is updated and accurate.

    I feel I have now run out of ideas I have reinstalled rebooted and reset numerous times. I am even running Wireshark to examine network traffic in the hope of spotting something untoward but am not entirely convinced I would recognise it if I saw it.

    I would really appreciate any thoughts,solutions or further tests that might help solve this for me

    Thanks in anticipation

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