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    Hi all,
    here is Ottorino from Florence, Italy.

    I’m very sorry, but unfortunately my first post of this year is about a problem.

    After the winter, I started re-using Opensprinkler at first on my pots and then on lawn and garden.
    I tried to upload the new firmware, but without success. I’ll do one day or the other.

    The system is working fine since april, but this morning I had a bad surprise:
    my small forecourt was inundated by the water dripping out of the pots placed on the terrace
    and the strip I use for vegetables has been transformed in a sort of paddy soil.

    I immediately thought about a broken or stuck valve and went to close the main valve to stop the flow.

    Then I went to the log page to discover that the program governing those two lines went into an apparently never ending loop.

    But the program 5 seems to be correct

    I do not know what caused this (about 1 cubic meter of water wasted).
    The weather here was stormy, yesterday, but apparently no tension spikes occurred.
    When it happens I can tell from the date/time reset of the cordless phone.

    My question is: could I do something to detect which was the reason of this waste ? (and to be somehow helpful to this community ?)

    PS I’ve tried to add some png pictures of the situation, but for some reason I cannot
    Please ignore the sentence here below, which I wrote before attempting to load the attachments.
    The images should be clear enough (“terrazza e vasi” stand for “terrace and pots” and “fasce laterali” for “side strips”, my garden)

    The images are here

    OpenSprinkler 2.1u, no expansions, Firmware 2.0.9, Mint
    Android 4.3 on Galaxy S3, mobile app Ver 1.4.2, Web Ver 1.4.4



    Can you export your controller’s configurations and attach them here? I am traveling in China and I can’t access dropbox (it’s blocked in China). If you need to attach an image, you can attach it in the post here — the forum support image attachments.



    Here the configuration file. The system is now disabled, but as soon as I enable it, one channel start the loop again.

    I’m not at home, so I cannot control the real situation.

    PS It seems that json files are not allowed as attachments

    Here the copied/pasted file

    {“programs”:{“nprogs”:5,”nboards”:1,”mnp”:53,”pd”:[[1,128,4,1259,1439,120,30,2],[1,128,3,0,180,60,20,8],[1,127,0,1230,1350,120,60,4],[1,128,2,60,240,120,60,1],[1,127,0,130,490,120,20,148]]},”stations”:{“snames”:[“Pratino al sole”,”Pratino in ombra”,”Fasce laterali”,”Aiuola serra”,”Terrazza e vasi”,”S06″,”S07″,”pompa pratino”],”masop”:[7],”ignore_rain”:[16],”act_relay”:[0],”maxlen”:16},”options”:{“fwv”:209,”tz”:56,”ntp”:1,”dhcp”:1,”ip1″:192,”ip2″:168,”ip3″:1,”ip4″:22,”gw1″:192,”gw2″:168,”gw3″:1,”gw4″:1,”hp0″:80,”hp1″:0,”ar”:1,”ext”:0,”seq”:1,”sdt”:0,”mas”:8,”mton”:2,”mtof”:-3,”urs”:1,”rso”:0,”wl”:100,”stt”:10,”ipas”:0,”devid”:0,”con”:110,”lit”:100,”dim”:5,”rlp”:0,”ntp1″:204,”ntp2″:9,”ntp3″:54,”ntp4″:119,”reset”:0,”dexp”:0,”mexp”:5},”status”:[0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0],”settings”:{“devt”:1434003047,”nbrd”:1,”en”:1,”rd”:0,”rs”:0,”mm”:0,”rdst”:0,”loc”:”firenze, italia”,”sbits”:[0,0],”ps”:[[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0]],”lrun”:[4,5,7,1434003032],”rodur”:[0,0,0,0,20,0,0,0]}}



    Two updates

    1) my system is a DIY kit and not a Pi one. Sorry for posting here

    2) we had an heavy rain this afternoon. The rain sensor is working properly so the system alert me tha rain was detected

    The program (5) is still in loop and the pot channel turns on and off continuously (ignore rain is on. The other channel do not turns on because of the ignore rain flag is off



    The scheduler was changed dramatically in 2.1.0 and again in 2.1.1. Therefore, could you update your firmware and let us know if that resolves the issue.

    The reason is we won’t be producing a patch/fix for 2.0.9 if the problem isn’t present in the later firmwares. I hope this makes sense.




    Hi Samer,
    this really make sense.

    I could have solved the issue simply resetting the unit, but in that case I would have missed the opportunity to share with the community what appear to my eyes a GREAT problem.

    I will try again to update the firmware and let you know.



    I appreciate the idea you had in mind however the changes since 2.0.9 are major and hard to correlate at this point.

    Thank you for your understanding!



    I know. I will update ASAP, but have a look at this log.
    This is the log after a reboot. The rain event (yesterday) seems to have lasted for 49710 days !!



    @ottorino: we normally don’t provide support for DIY kits, especially for hardware related issues, because the issues could be due to soldering. Regarding the rain sensor log, it’s very likely due to a time change at the start vs end time of the rain sensor action. This is because 49710 days is roughly 49710*86400 = 4.2 billion seconds, and that number is about 2^32 — the only reason it would be that large is the end time happens to appear ‘earlier’ than the start time (due to time change), resulting in a negative duration. But since all negative values of duration will be converted to positive numbers, it results in a number close to 2^32.

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