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    i use the last OSBo image and want to update to the newes version.

    I try:
    cd /home/ubuntu/OSPi
    git pull

    but i get an error: pull is not possible because you have unmerge files.

    What can i do?



    You can backup the configuration and delete the OSPi folder and reclone it. After, you can restore the configuration.

    Also, the Unified firmware is now available for OSBO as well which is the same firmware as the Arduino version. You can find more information by search for 2.1.4 on this forum.





    should i try:
    “cd /home/ubuntu/OSPi” to change in prgram folder
    “git rm * -r” To remove all files

    next steps are copy from here

    “cd /home/” change to home folder
    “git clone”
    “cd OpenSprinklerGen2”
    “sudo sh osbo”
    “sudo /etc/init.d/ospi stop”
    “sudo update-rc.d ospi remove” will stop the program. Similarly,
    “sudo /etc/init.d/sprinklers_pi stop”
    “sudo update-rc.d sprinklers_pi remove” will stop the sprinklers_pi program.
    and then reboot?

    i work the first time with git… 🙂

    And if you play the first time with the Beaglebone is this realy important to boot from SDcard: Start it up holding the boot button opposite of the microSD then wait for all 4 LED’s to go solid. (about 5mins) this should be written in the documentation 🙂 i need hours to find out why the beaglebone dont want do boot with an SDcard.



    The instructions from Firmware 2.1.4 announcement is more recent:
    basically the same with instructions on the 2.1.3 announcement post as you linked to.

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