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Just jumping in on this… I recently updated my OS 2.0 to the latest firmware and just noticed this issue this morning as I was trying to see how my first watering since the upgrade went.

I was previously on the original firmware and was using Samer’s PHP-based web app hosted on a local server, so logging and such were easily handled. But now I’m seeing that logging will require a microSD card, can I confirm that the 2.0 hardware will support one before I take the OS out of the enclosure and open it up? Are there any considerations with type or size of card?

I do wish that the card was easily accessible without removing the cover. But since it’s not, I just want to be sure before I open it up.

PS – I just spotted this post by Ray, how can I confirm if I have one of the early 2.0 versions or not? I really don’t want to have to remove the cover frequently. 🙂