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    Just got the new update. It works fine. Thank you.



    The app is now available from the Mac App Store:

    I did notice the media assets in the app store display are a bit pixelated. Not sure how this happened but I will update the screenshots in the next update.

    The automatic device detection isn’t working yet but should be in the next update as well.

    Thanks and enjoy!



    For continued desktop coverage the app is now supported on Windows 8.1 available from the Windows Store here:

    This supports tablets as well (Windows RT).



    Heck, I just saw this! Awesome, Salbahra! Thank you. Next payday I’ll send a little something your way.

    I will mention that I was using the online version and wasn’t able to connect at all. It doesn’t seem to want to connect at all. The interval timer is installed and working and on port 8080. I see your install page. But, every time I submit, I get the “Not Saved, check the IP and Port Settings and try again.” It never gets past that page. I look at my ssh listing of the files in /var/www/sprinklers and this is what I see:

    pi@rpiGarage1/var/www$ cd /var/www/sprinklers
    pi@rpiGarage1/var/www/sprinklers $ ls
    config-example.php index.php locale
    css install.php locale.php sprinklers.php

    I didn’t see an .htaccess file or a config file: the only config one is the example one.

    I had all this working perfectly until I updated the Interval Software about 3 weeks ago and then it all went crazy. It was working so perfectly, I was even having a little fun. My daughter in law was giving me grief one Sunday for being a techie. As soon as she got out into a particular lawn zone, I brought the sprinklers on! YES!!! She actually thought it was hilarious. But, warned me about the nature of payback.

    That’s why the app was such a relief. And, it is. But, I’m not sure what’s going on with the web interface that it can’t connect but the app can?



    The entire web interface your referring to has been “discontinued” and is about 600 commits behind now. Furthermore, OSPi had a major, deviating, change which caused the old PHP based app to stop working with it. I honestly don’t plan on updating the PHP app because in the long term the install process is lengthy, requires additional hardware if using Arduino, and honestly no need for bulky PHP.

    In order to help users I am working on supporting as much desktop platforms as possible. Furthermore, I export OSPi logs and worked with Ray to introduce logging on Arduino removing that feature from the mobile app. I also wrote a weather adjust plugin for OSPi that allows weather based rain delay as was in my PHP app.

    Overall, this should be a better solution. This will also allow easy and mostly automatic updates. It’s as easy as one tap on most platforms to install and supports multiple devices with easy switching.

    For the security concious I added support for HTTPS proxy with Basic AUTH. For OSPi users, a guide is available on the Wiki and hopefully this process can be streamlined in the future.

    Hopefully by using the native apps you will be up and running again.

Viewing 5 posts - 76 through 80 (of 80 total)
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